Practice Information and Gym Schedule

As we begin a new season, we want to remind coaches of their responsibilities related to use of the gyms for practices and games.  We, as a program, are fortunate that the town allows us the amount of gym time that we have, all at no cost to us.    Based in that, we need to be vigilant of our responsibility to maintain the safety and cleanliness of the gyms.  We maintain a great relationship with the town in regard  to the use of the gyms, and town and school officials make us aware when the gyms are left in poor condition.  Based on that, here are a few items to make sure that you are aware of when you as a coach are responsible for opening or closing any of the gyms for practices; games and/or Saturday Open Gym:

  • Keys: Keys to the gym(s) will be necessary when school is not in session.  All keys are at the Falmouth Police Station at 2 Marshall Drive.  Please note that you must be listed on the sheet that the Police Department has before being given the key.  This list was documented by Matt Gilbert from Falmouth Community Programs during the initial coaches’ meeting in October.  Please also check the FYBA Master Gym Schedule below, as you may have to coordinate passing the key off to a coach who may be using the gym after you;
  • Oversight: Please do not allow anyone to congregate or play on the stage and/or other common areas.  Also, please make sure that all doors have not been propped open by anyone when you arrive and when you leave.  Beyond clean up/lock up, these are the most important items to Falmouth Community Programs and Falmouth School staff and as such, the ones that FYBA receives the most complaints on;
  • Clean Up/Lock Up: Please make sure to give both gyms a quick review to make sure that there are not any bottles, cans or trash around.  Please advise your players to clean up after themselves when leaving practices and games.  Please make sure that there is nobody who should not be remaining in the gyms, bathrooms, locker rooms, etc.  Please make sure that all bleachers are pushed in.  Shut off all lights, lock the doors to both the large and small gyms and lock the front doors (ensuring that light changes from green to red).

Thank you all for volunteering your time this season.   It takes a lot of dedicated people to make the FYBA season happen and we appreciate the time and effort of all parents, players, coaches and volunteers.  We hope that your teams have a positive and challenging basketball experience.  Please direct any questions, comments or concerns to the FYBA board of directors.